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There are numerous coffee brewing procedures available. There's the Pour Over, the French Press, and the extremely popular Aeropress. One of the things people love about the Aeropress is how many ways they can use it to brew. One thing is sure: ardent supporters of the Aeropress swear it creates the best coffee. The Aeropress is an entire immersion process, like a French Press, and it is very easy to do. Simply pour in the coffee and water, swirl to combine, set aside for a few minutes, then push the coffee through the paper filter into your cup.

While we believe that is the best method for making coffee with an Aeropress, you will usually find many people who do it in many ways. The Aeropress is simple to use, practically unbreakable, and, again, users claim that it makes the best coffee.

AeroPress is an excellent alternative if you like to experiment with different types of coffee. The coffee maker enables you to brew in a variety of ways with a variety of settings. Even though this is a manual brew procedure, it is exceptionally adaptable. You can make a latte, tea, and other drinks in addition to espresso. There are several items that more Aeropress users should know. These tidbits will make you appreciate this fantastic brewer even more. They might even influence how you brew your next cup.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

The sterile exterior and awkward learning curve of the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker may elicit a few puzzled eyes in the office kitchen the first time you use it. But once you've mastered the trick, you'll rapidly fall in love with this odd-looking beverage syringe. The AeroPress can produce a delicious cup of coffee in less than two minutes anywhere you have ground coffee and hot water. If you buy one, you'll be joining a big community of coffee lovers who adore AeroPress.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Sonny's Coffee

AeroPress Micro-Filters

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a fantastic method to brew excellent coffee. The tiny paper filters it employs add to its convenience. Discard the paper filter and any leftover coffee in the trash. The device comes with 350 paper filters, enough for a year's worth of great coffee (nearly). If you're like us and drink 3-4 cups every day, you'll run out much faster unless you reuse it; give it a quick clean, and it'll be ready to use again. Fortunately, Aeropress has spare Aeropress filter papers in 350-packs. It is cost-effective, basic, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Wonderful!

These are simple paper filters, but they're pretty important. Every cup brewed with your AeroPress is fresh and full-bodied, thanks to paper filters. For months, this set of additional filters will keep you straining to flawlessness.

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press makes it easy to transport all equipment with you, even though the basic AeroPress is highly portable. It comes in a cute small container that also serves as a cup, and the revised extras are better made than the original versions, in our opinion. However, what you gain in convenience comes at a cost: The AeroPress Go only contains 8 ounces, compared to 10 ounces in the original AeroPress.

AeroPress on the go coffee maker

Still, other recipes for brewing a conventional cup of coffee will need to be adjusted. If you don't plan on utilizing all of the attachments, the original AeroPress, which includes a room in its chamber to store your cache of pre-ground beans or a hand-crank coffee grinder, may be just as handy. In the end, either AeroPress will work well for vacation, but if you value a coffee system that comes in a self-contained pack with a cup, the Go is the way to go.

AeroPress Hexagonal Funnel

That hexagonal funnel serves a variety of purposes. If you're anything like us, you glanced at the Aeropress funnel, laid it aside, and promptly forgot about it. It looks to have no purpose other than to aid in the pouring of grounds into your Aeropress, but it has a few other applications. The hexagonal form fits precisely on the filter cap side of the Aeropress. You can now perform two cool things because of this. You can brew into a mug that the Aeropress wouldn't ordinarily fit on safely, as well as a mug that sits beneath a pour-over stand.

The funnel also makes it much easier to store the Aeropress. Filter holder, funnel (broadside up), and Aeropress should be stacked in this order (filter cap down). In the plunger aperture, place the scoop and paddle. You don't have to keep three objects near to each other any longer. You can only build one tower at a time. The Aeropress funnel allows you to use any size cup or flask, use a pour-over stand, and preserve your coffee in a smaller area. Isn't it a lot more efficient now than it used to be?

Reusable Metal Filter

A pack of paper micro-filters is included with the purchase of an AeroPress. These do the job well and are quickly discarded. This stainless steel AeroPress disc, on the other hand, is something different.

A reusable metal filter appears just when you think you've seen everything. The standard paper filters are excellent, but stainless-steel filters provide a new level of flavor and body. For starters, they let a tiny number of minuscule grounds into your mug. These micro-grounds bind to acid particles and reduce their intensity. They also give the coffee a fuller, more rounded flavor and provide dimension to the body. Second, metal filters enable the natural ingredients in the coffee to pass through to your cup. These oils have a strong scent and are accountable for many of the unusual and colorful tastes in coffee. They also give your coffee a creamy richness.

Even when brewing a super-fine espresso grind, the disc is reusable and contains ultra-micro holes that allow only water to pass through the filter. Many individuals prefer stainless steel filters to bleached paper filters because they allow for more flavor.

Metal filters not only improve flavor but also make traveling brewing convenient. You wash them thoroughly and pack them away; no paper waste is generated.

Metal alternatives would permit more coffee granules into your cup than the original AeroPress filters. Coffee brewed using a reusable metal disc has more sediment, texture, and flavor than coffee brewed in a French press.

Prismo by AeroPress

Prismo is an AeroPress accessory that allows you to make espresso-style coffee without using an espresso machine. Prismo brings up a whole new world of concoctions and coffee nerding in addition to espresso-style coffee.

Its reusable metal filter contributes to a more espresso-like flavor profile. The Prismo won't transcend physics and brew authentic espresso, but it's a fascinating and inventive way to get close. Any AeroPress lover with clear aspirations and a reliable grinder should consider it. The Prismo's seal prevents leakage from a right-side-up AeroPress as it steeps. It can be placed straight on your cup without spilling a drop and then dipped whenever it's ready.


Whether you're a seasoned barista or a novice when it comes to coffee brewing, you and the AeroPress will get along swimmingly. Unlike most manual coffee makers or pour-overs, there isn't much of a learning curve when using an AeroPress to make coffee. Place the ground coffee in the filter cup, pour hot water over it, stir it, place the paper filter in the filter cup, press down the plunger, and appreciate your AeroPress brew!

The AeroPress coffee machine has grown into more than just an alternate brewing method; it has sparked such a passionate following that an annual competition for the best cup of coffee is held. The AeroPress is an outstanding piece of equipment. What more could you want for? It's small, durable, and makes very little mess. Oh, and did we mention that also makes a mean cup of coffee?

The well-known Aeropress is a coffee brewer that every coffee enthusiast should have. It's incredibly adaptable and may be used to brew a variety of coffees and the result speaks for itself.


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