How to Make The Best French Press Coffee

Coffee is a morning staple for people. There is nothing better than a good cup of home brewed coffee to jump start the day, but when people are crunched for time, they opt for coffee shop where they can get a cup made for them. Some people prefer to buy coffee machines and coffee beans, so that they can grind and make their own coffee. This typically requires people spend a fair amount of money to get the best one, yet it does not guarantee to yield the best outcome of coffee. 

In addition, there are several methods to make coffee, such as French Press, Pour Over, Percolate, Vacuum, Vietnamese Drip (Phin), and so forth. If you are a busy person or traveler, French Press is a great method to consider. The French Press Technique only requires you to have a small plunger, a bag of ground coffee, hot water, and a cup. All of this can fit in a small travel bag or backpack, making it a perfect option for travelers.

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Making the perfect cup of French Press Coffee requires a good coffee bean and the right grind. The type of coffee bean is the main component responsible for every tasty and aromatic coffee cup. We recommend starting with a medium roast such as Sonny’s Donuts Breakfast or French Roast Blend to start because they are a stable, fragrant, and flavorful bean.  Furthermore, to get the best out of the high-quality coffee, you must ensure that the beans are freshly roasted. However, the freshly roasted coffee bean could go stale in 2 weeks with no proper packaging. As a result, it might lose the fragrant and fruity flavor. Sonny’s Donuts branded coffees are roasted to order and our premium resealable packaging ensures freshness with every cup.    

The other aspect that influences your perfect cup of French Press Coffee is grinding, because it affects the way the coffee attributes are withdrawn. The difference between a lousy cup of coffee from a good one is the level of extraction. The over-extracted coffee will taste bitter and burnt, while the under-extracted one will be acidic and sour. Hence, coarse ground coffee beans are suitable for the French Press method. A coarse grind produces large particles like sea salt, making it ideal for letting it stay in boiling water long enough to extract and give your coffee a rich and aromatic flavor.


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Let’s Make French Press Coffee Now!

Now that you have a quality bean and an idea grind, it’s time to make your French Press Coffee. In three simple steps you can have fresh cup of rich and aromatic French Press Coffee.

Step 1: Preparation

The preparation part is key to making the perfect French Press coffee. Make sure you have all the equipment and ingredients in place before you kick off the following procedures. If you are at home, keep your ingredients accessible and within arm’s reach. If you are traveling, you may want to grind your coffee ahead of time to avoid having to pack your grinder.

Everything needs to be heated for 30 seconds with boiling water prior to a brewing stage, including your carafe, plunger, and French press. While brewing, the coffee will absorb the heat well with this warming equipment. For this reason, you can fully extract the richness of the high-end quality coffee beans.

Step 2: Put in Your Coarse Ground Coffee  

Unlike other methods, you do not need tamping for the French Press. Instead, you just directly put the coffee in the warm carafe. The ratio of coffee to water for French Press Coffee depends on your desired strength. To start, we recommend starting with 1 Tablespoon of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. You can adjust your ratios accordingly based on your desired strength and flavor preferences.

Once you place your coffee in the carafe, shake it slowly to compact the coffee. By doing this, the coffee will stay compact and leave no room at the bottom so that the coffee can extract well.


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Step 3: Water Your Coffee

The ideal temperature for French Press Coffee is 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below boiling. Submerge the coffee with about a third of your water for 30 seconds. As you wait, you can see your coffee blooming as the coffee beans interact with hot water. After 30 seconds, you will smell the earthy and aromatic fragrance coming from the coffee. This means that your coffee is well extracted and rich in flavor. 

Next you pour the remaining water into the carafe and wait 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, you slowly press down the plunger and pour your freshly brewed French Press Coffee into a cup and enjoy it while connecting with your loved one, your friend, your fur baby, or someone new.

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