Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts

Have you ever been perplexed by the many levels of coffee roasting?

One might believe that the color differences define them to each roast level or that their caffeine levels characterize them to each roast level. Although this is true, each coffee roast level has the unique attributes that define it apart.

One of the most critical aspects of coffee flavor is how it is roasted. Green beans are roasted to create the aromatic and tasty coffee that wakes us up in the morning. However, roasting doesn’t only change the color of beans, but it also has effects on the physical appearance of the beans.

Before roasting, coffee beans are a faint shade of green, which may be apparent to some but often surprise others. When coffee beans are roasted, they absorb heat, changing their color to a darker tone and expanding by approximately 150 percent. Contrary to popular perception, the roasting process removes some of the naturally inherent caffeine, making the coffee weaker the darker the roast. Oil appears on the surface of some coffee beans, but only at higher temperatures. Darker roasts are known for their greasy look and lingering flavor.

Coffee roasts are divided into three categories: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

Sonny's Donuts Coffee Brand comes in a variety of roasts, so if you've ever wondered what kind of coffee is in yours, keep reading!

Light Roast

There is no oil on the surface of light roast coffee, which has a lighter shade of brown. This coffee roast keeps the majority of the coffee bean's original characteristics, has the maximum acidity, and can retain the majority of caffeine.

Coffee lovers appreciate its flavor profile, which is described as "bright." This happens because the coffee beans aren't roasted for too long, causing them to become more dense and wet inside. Although light roast coffee has a more lightweight body, it is more complex due to caffeine, acidity, and a fruity or herbal flavor.

Light roast coffee is the way to go if you want a more lightweight body and more delicate flavors.

Medium Roast

The hue of medium roast coffee is slightly darker than light roast. However, it does not have any grease on the surface of the beans, much like a light roast. The medium roast has a better-balanced flavor, fragrance, and acidity between dark and light roasts rather than delicate flavors.

Medium Roasts can also be roasted a little longer for a Medium-Dark result. This roast is more affluent and darker in color, with oils beginning to appear on the surface of the beans. These roasting levels preserve the coffee's inherent tastes and provide a good mix of acidity and body.

Sonny's Coffee Medium body cigar blend is a silky-smooth blend crafted with robust medium roast coffee from Columbia.  Perfect for cigar connoisseurs!

The Hazelnut Coffee Blend is produced with a medium roast that has a hint of hazelnut!

Dark Roast

Last but not least, Roasted in the dark!

This roast is dark brown, similar to dark chocolate, with a greasy surface. These coffee beans are roasted for the longest time at the highest temperature. The beans will lose moisture, become less dense, and have a bitter/smoky flavor as they dry out.

Caffeine content decreases from light to dark roast. Hence it contains the least amount of caffeine when measured in scoops. As coffee roasts darken, the original flavor fades, but the roasting process imparts more flavor, similar to how nuts are roasted.

Some purists like a French roast, darker than a dark roast and just a smidgeon shy of being burnt.

Dark roast is ideal if you want a coffee that is more full-bodied and has a strong flavor.

Sonny's Donuts Coffee Brand creates its own Dark Roast coffee blend, which is composed entirely of dark roast coffee! It's the ideal pick-me-up for coffee connoisseurs!

If you want to offer your pals a crash course on coffee, you could sum it up by explaining that light roast coffees have a more lightweight body and more delicate flavors. On the other hand, dark roast coffees are more full-bodied, with bolder, more natural characteristics. But that's not a lot of fun. The only way to truly grasp the differences between light and dark roasts is to brew each pot and see which one you like. But don't feel obligated to choose aside. You can eat your beans and drink them at the same time.


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