How To Make the Best Pour Over Coffee from Home

To what extent would you regard the cup of coffee you are holding now as the perfect cup? Of course, it is truly based on personal preference. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make that perfect cup of coffee at home.

1.    Use Fresh and Quality Whole Coffee Beans

The quest for the perfect cup of coffee begins with the beans.  Some coffee lovers purchase fresh pre-ground coffee to make the best drip coffee, but fresh whole bean coffee can make a big difference. Why?

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The core difference between pre-ground and whole bean is the aroma, freshness and flavor profiles. We recognize that it is convenient for coffee drinkers to consume pre-ground coffee as you do not need to grind on your own, but there is a risk of freshness withdrawal. If you choose pre-ground coffee be sure to look for the roasted date on the packaging to make sure you are getting the freshest coffee.

2.   Store Your Beans Properly

Oxygen is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee so having a proper storage method for your coffee bean is highly suggested to keep your coffee fresh and well-flavored for a longer period. In general, dark roasted coffee beans last about 2-3 weeks after roasting before the flavor begins to deteriorate. Light roasted beans can last up to 6 weeks under proper storage. There are numerous options for storing coffee beans to preserve the flavor and freshness.

Original Coffee Packaging: Many coffee brands come in an opaque resealable bag with a degasser valve and a zipper or tin tie closure. If you plan to store your beans in a coffee bag, you should try to finish the bag within a week. Also make sure to double check your bag is resealed tightly.

Mason jars: A wide-mouth mason jar is also a great choice for those who use up the beans in a short time. If the jar is made of translucent glass, it would be best to keep it out of direct sunlight to preserve the flavor and aroma.

Airtight canisters: Using airtight containers ensures the air is not in the storage area and is an ideal choice for those who want a longer shelf life. Vacuum sealed containers are another option, but the aroma may be affected by the process of removing the air.

3.  The Grind Matters

To achieve the optimal level of flavor, grinding your coffee before brewing can maximize the coffee flavor and profile. There are two significant factors that make the perfect cup of coffee: grind size and grind consistency. When you grind too coarse, the coffee will be under-extracted when brewing, resulting in a sharp and sour taste. On the other hand, grinding too fine will trigger over-extraction of coffee, and the taste becomes bitter. Therefore, pour over coffee makers are prone to go for a medium-fine grind.

4.  Ratio of Coffee & Water

Brewing your own coffee to your liking is an art. You will go through a trial-and-error process to reach the ideal level of coffee to water ratio. We suggest starting with 2 Tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Then you can adjust the ratio based on your preference.

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5.  Brewing Temperature

The ideal temperature of drip coffee is in the range between195 °F and 205 °F. High-tech makers have a manual temperature adjustment, but older coffee makers may not.

To test your water temperature, you can run the water through your machine with no coffee and use a thermometer to scale the heating level. Normally, the water temperature will drop as it passes the hopper during the brewing procedure. You can add extra hot water with a kettle if your water temperature is too cool, but be sure not to exceed 205 °F.

6.  Water Quality

While water has equal importance as coffee proportion, it is crucial to choose the right type of water while you brew drip coffee. You can still use the tap water directly; however, the quality and flavor will vary from each other.

Professional coffee brewers mention that you should avoid the distilled water as it does not contain the iron and mineral content that helps to boost up delicious flavor in coffee. Instead, it is highly recommended to use filtered water and spring water because of their consistent balance in minerals.

The perfect cup of coffee is attainable at home. Paying attention to these factors will help you perfect your technique and enjoy a premium cup of coffee in the comfort of your home.


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