How To Use A Tea Infuser- A Step By Step Guide

One of the most enjoyable drinks in the world after water is tea.

Nowadays, the process of infusing loose tea leaves is picking up steam among tea enthusiasts.  Infusions have been used for years because of its characteristic flavor, taste and health promoting effects.

In order to enjoy a cup of tea free of floating tea particles, you need to use a tea infuser. If you have no experience of steeping the loose tea leaves using an infuser, this article is going to be a great help for you.  It will successfully cover a step by step guide to how to use a tea infuser.

What Is A Tea Infuser?

Tea infuser is a tool or device used to steep tea leaves in water to enjoy its taste and constituents. Infusers allow you to prepare your favorite tea or blend of fresh leaves instead of using prepackaged tea bags.  Also called a tea strainer this convenient device holds the loose leaves in a tea ball or basket and prevents them from floating freely in your beverage.

By using an infuser, you can adjust temperature and time of brewing to avoid over extraction of constituents.  Infusers are available in different sizes and shapes, it is a best choice to enjoy a perfect cup of tea.

Here are some steps to make tea by using a tea infuser. 

1. Filling Of Infuser

In order to start, you need a tea infuser which contains a tea basket or ball to hold the leaves and a chain or handle. Infusers vary in their size and shape. For example

  • Tea ball with chain
  • Tea basket with handle
  • Spoon shaped
  • Tea tongs
  • Tea strainer

After choosing the type of infuser, measure the loose tea leaves according to the type of tea. Most of the tea leaves measurements range from 1-3 teaspoons.

However, a general guide for green, black and white tea includes

Green tea 1-2 teaspoons

Black tea   1-2 teaspoon

White tea 2-3 tsp

Once loose leaves are placed in the infuser, make sure to close it tightly.

Overstuffing the infuser with leaves results in splitting the leaves into water.

2. Place The Infuser In Mug

Once you have measured and placed the leaves in the infuser and secured it tightly, it’s time to place the infuser in the mug. Chain or handle of the infuser should be at the edge of the mug.

Tea Infuser Brewing System

3. Heat Water And Pour It In Mug

Take fresh, cold water in a kettle or a pot and heat it until boiling. For one cup of tea, 8 oz. of water is required. Measure the temperature of water with the help of a kitchen thermometer. Measuring the temperature is necessary as different teas are brewed at different temperatures.

White tea 176-185°F.

Green tea (Japanese) 158-176°F.

Green tea (Chinese) 176-185°F.

Black tea 203°F.

If the water temperature is higher than required, let it cool for a couple of minutes and check the temperature again.

Once the required temperature is attained, pour this hot water in a mug and allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes. 

4. Remove Infuser And Enjoy Tea

After steeping is done, remove the infuser from the mug.  Allow it to steep for more time if you want a strong flavor and taste.  Open the tea infuser and pull the tea leaves out of the infuser and wash it with hot water.  These leaves can be reused with increased steeping time.

Your tea is ready and you can enjoy either hot or cold tea. In order to change the taste you can add some honey or lemon to fade bitterness.

Advantages Of Tea Infusers

  • Tea infusers allow you to prepare the tea of fresh and loose leaves instead of using tea bags.
  • Infusers restrict the spilling out of tea leaves in water and you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea without floating components.
  • By using a tea ball or tea basket you can make infusions in different quantities either one cup or more.

Silicone Tea Ball Infuser in glass mug

What To Avoid While Making Tea Using Tea Infuser

  • Some of the infusers are made from toxic metals such as aluminum which can be harmful to your health.
  • Infusers made from silicon are considered safe and should be boiled in water before using them for the first time.
  • While placing the tea leaves in the tea infuser, don’t overfill it. It will cause the splitting of tea leaves in water.
  • Secure the lid of the infuser tightly so that it holds the tea leaves and prevents them from escaping from the tea ball.
  • Record the temperature of water efficiently with a thermometer because the temperature of water varies for different teas like white tea, green tea and black tea.
  • Steeping time should be recorded carefully. Generally recommended times for these teas are as follows.

Green tea 2-4 minutes

White tea 2-3 min

Black tea 3-5 min

Oolong tea 5-7 min

  • Increased steeping time results in making tea strong and bitter in taste.
  • Before brewing the tea leaves, measure the leaves to be infused.

Bottom Line

Brewing the loose tea leaves in a tea infuser is the best way to make a fresh and flavorful cup of tea.  Loose tea leaves are rich in healthful substances and tea infusers make it more convenient to enjoy taste, flavor and health benefits.

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