Types of Coffee Beans and Drinks

Types of Coffee Beans and Drinks: Know it now

Coffee is a favorite drink for many of us. There are a wide range of coffee beans and types of coffees available worldwide. Many of us have been in awkward situations like standing in a cafe, not knowing the difference between the various types of coffees displayed on the menu and feeling a bit confused. It is good if we know about the beans and coffee types just to educate ourselves and also to get more interested in our favorite drink. 

Read on to know the types of coffee beans and drinks. 

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Generally, in the U.S. you will find two different types of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta. 


This species is scientifically known as Coffea Arabica, and better known as Arabian coffee. It is also believed to be the first kind of coffee that was cultivated, and holds about 60% of the global production of coffee currently. The origin of these beans is Ethiopia and it is said to be first cultivated in Yemen. Commonly, Arabica beans are used for black coffee as they possess a sweeter and more intricate flavor that you can drink straight. Arabica is the more popular out of the two, but despite its eminence, these beans do not hold as much caffeine as Robusta does. 


Scientifically known as Coffea Canephora, and better known as Robusta coffee by the people, these coffee beans have originated from central and western Sub-Saharan Africa. Robusta beans are a species of a flowering plant of the Rubiaceae family. This species of coffee holds roughly about 40% of the global production of coffee. While Arabica beans do hold more popularity and are adored by many, Robusta is much cheaper and stronger. Unlike the Arabica, Robusta holds a bitter tinge to it, hence, you will most commonly see it used for espresso beverages and instant coffee mixes. 

Now, let us take a quick glance at some of the coffee drinks and what they contain. 


Considerably the most well-known and well-liked coffee drink out there, latte entails steamed milk with a shot of espresso along with a brush of foam. The drink itself has different variations; you can either order it plain or ask for a flavor shot from something so simple like vanilla and to something much more complex like pumpkin spice. 

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While a latte contains more steamed milk, cappuccino is a latte that is made with more foam. It usually comes with a dash of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top. You can find flavor shots in cappuccino, as well, and sometimes also variations that use cream in lieu of milk. 


Americano and black coffee possess a very identical taste, but while black coffee is simply just ground beans soused in hot water, the americano entails an espresso shot that is diluted in hot water. 

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