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Sonny's Coffee Single Serve Pods
Sonny's Java Sunrise Coffee Blend Label
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Sonny's Java Sunrise Single Serve

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We are now offering our Sonny's Java Sunrise in a Single Serve units.  You will get 12 single serve pods for the price. These will work with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines.

Wake up every morning with our signature breakfast blend. The rich, sweet and smooth flavors will have you rising with the sun and looking forward to each morning.


 Sonny's Java Sunrise Coffee Defined

Sonny's Coffee is using the iFillCup system for all of our Single Serve Coffee:

A little bit about iFillCup: 

iFillCup is pleased to have made the primary single-serve unit available built of 100% recyclable materials. With a completely polypropylene development, you can open up it, discard the java sunrise, wash, and throw in your reuse canister.

Different brands guarantee to offer a "greener" single serve unit, yet regularly this implies that a few pieces of the units can be reused. With iFillCup single serve units, produced using #5 Polypropylene, you can put the entire utilized and flushed case into the reuse container without any concerns. You can partake in the best mug of Java Sunrise, while having a decent outlook on doing your part to decrease waste.

Probably the most ideal way to live greener is to lessen your carbon impression. iFillCup accomplices straightforwardly with neighborhood craftsman roasters, so your java doesn't need to go as far - which implies less carbon dioxide discharges! What's more in light of the fact that your coffee is roasted in small batches, it doesn't sit in an enormous distribution center for quite a long time, becoming lifeless all the while.

Regardless of your perspective, iFillCup unit gives a superior, more delicious, and "greener" mug of Java Sunrise.

All iFillCup units are BPA Free. We take extraordinary consideration in making our items top notch for our buyers. iFillCup units are produced using polypropylene, a plastic which doesn't contain BPA.


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